Saturday, February 8, 2020

Tiberius and Crew Stats

This is a work in progress, but here are some stats about the USS Tiberius and her crew:

USS Tiberius
Service Date: 2368
Space frame: Nova Class
Mission Profile: Multirole Explore

Engines 9
Computers 10
Weapons 8
Structure 8
Sensors 10
Communications 10

Command 2
Security 2
Science 4
Conn 2
Engineering 3
Medicine 2

Advanced Sensor Suites
Improved Hull Integrity
Rugged Design

Scale 3
Resistance 4
Power 9
Crew Support 3

Launch Bay:
1 Waverider Shuttlecraft
1 Type 8 Shuttlecraft
1 Type 9 Shuttlecraft

Tractor Beam (strength 2) 2 CD
Phaser Array (Medium range, versatile 2, area or spread) 5 CD
Photon Torpedoes (Long range, high yield) 5 CD

Captain Malko Ral (Joined Trill) (GM)
XO Commander Robyn MacKenzie (Human), Temporarily on assignment
Temporary XO Commander Kasan Goddard (Human)
Chief of Security/Tactical Commander Torc (Klingon)
Chief Engineer Lt. Commander Darwin Foxwell (Human)
Chief Medical Officer Lt. JG Jerrynn (Andorian/Vulcan)
Chief Science Officer Lt. Norv Shittull (Tellarite)
Helmsman Ensign Farragult (Human NPC)

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